Naukasana yoga – II also known as the boat posture

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This posture of Naukasana yoga is done while the practitioner lies flat on his tummy. The body resembles a boat in Naukasana.
Hence, Naukasana yoga is known as the boat posture while in the prone-lying position.



  • Lie flat on the abdomen and chest.
  • The forehead should lie on the floor.
  • Keep the arms and the feet together on the respective sides.
  • Stretch out the arms straight in front.
  • Keep the arms parallel to each other.
  • The palms will turn downwards.
  • The fingers will remain close to each other.
  • Keep the forehead on the ground between the upper arms.
  • Inhale and simultaneously raise the legs, trunk, shoulders, neck, head and the arms.
  • Don’t bend the elbows and the knees.
  • Avoid jerks.
  • The upper arms must be touching the ears.
  • Your feet must remain close together.
  • Raise the head as high as possible.
  • Keep the head between the raised upper arms.
  • You must bend backwards the extremities to the farthest limit.
  • The back must be well arched.
  • The entire body should be curved from the toes to the fingertips.
  • Your fingertips and the toes must be at the same level.
  • Balance the body weight on the lower abdomen.
  • Only the lower portion of the abdomen should be touching the ground.
  • Remain motionless in this posture.
  • Hold on to your breath and stay put for at least 10 seconds.
  • Slowly exhale and return gradually to the starting position.
  • Turn around and assume the Savasana posture and relax.


Naukasana yoga asanas in the lying position strengthens the abdomen, back, shoulders, necks and the lower limbs.
Spinal column deformities are rectified.
It expands the chest and your lungs also get strengthened.
Naukasana yoga asanas is beneficial for strengthening the pancreas, liver and lungs.
This Naukasana yoga asana simultaneously strengthens and effectively exercises the pelvic region, feet, calves, knees, thighs, arms and the hips.

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