Kundalini Yoga: The Best Means to Harness Latent Energy

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Kundalini yoga activates the inherent energy sources – which generally remain dormant at the base of the spinal cord. This pivot is known in Sanskrit as ‘Kundalini’. It is visualized in a serpentine form, and is usually deemed a feminine character.

On the other hand, the other Sanskrit term – Yoga – means the proper union of the mind and body so that one complements the other.

Therefore, Kundalini yoga develops the mental acumen as well as the physical prowess of the regular practitioner.

Kundalini yoga is basically an ideal and proven tactic to grow psychologically.

The Kundalini yoga exercises are termed as ‘asanas’.


The Kundalini yoga poses function in a two-fold way. The asanas operate in a combined way by synthesizing the physical with the mental energies.

As a result, the Kundalini asanas first awakens the coiled female energy that lies in a dormant manner at the base of the body. This critical portion of the body is the ‘Muladhara chakra’ – the lowest nerve center of the spinal column.

Then, the Kundalini yoga asanas not only make the ‘Kundalini shakti’ or power to arise but also canalize it via the other ‘chakras’ or nerve centers to the brain or the cranial vault wherein the brain is located.


You should not think of your deity or of any power while performing the Kundalini processes. This is simply because the moment you do that you would be seeking blessings or other aid from that supernatural authority.

The best means is to concentrate on your navel while performing the Kundalini yoga meditation poses.

Bring the navel to the center of your forehead and just focus on it.

At one point of time, you will simply be in a world where you will find darkness and mental peace.

That is the centre stage when you need to begin your Kundalini yoga meditation poses.


It is at this Kundalini yoga meditation stage that you will have to carry out the Kundalini yoga breathing postures or asanas. The Kundalini yoga breathing exercises are commonly bracketed under the head of ‘Pranayama‘.

Each of the Kundalini yoga pranayama poses demands total concentration from the Kundalini yoga practitioner.

Prior to performing the Kundalini yoga pranayama poses, you will have to bring about your concentration by bringing the image of your navel to the center of your forehead.

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