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There are 26 Bikram yoga postures. These are well researched yoga positions that Yogiraj Bikram Choudhury has innovated for the optimum development of the human mind, body, heart and body.

The Bikram yoga postures are practiced during a 30-minute schedule in a room that is already heated to 105 degree Fahrenheit.


In fact, the Bikram yoga postures as a discipline is a way of life. One should begin practicing the Bikram yoga postures right from childhood (under proper guidance) particularly because the body remains quite supple at that time.

However, one can also take up the Bikram yoga postures in one’s youth as well as in the middle and also the post-middle ages. Depending on the physical constitution and the diseases that the would-be practitioner might be suffering, the Bikram yoga schedules and the Bikram yoga postures are determined by the guru (expert).


Yoga is a deliberate and conscious attempt to bring about a synthesis of the human body and the mind.

Yoga is the cultural heritage of India. Yoga is a way of life. Regular practice of yogic postures (physical, breathing as well as meditative) ensures the optimum realization of the potential of the yoga practitioner.

The roots of yoga can be traced to hundreds of years. In fact, yogic practices were quite popular in the prehistoric ages of India.

The term ‘Yoga‘ is derived from the ancient Indian rich language of Sanskrit where it means ‘union’.


The best part of the Bikram yoga postures is that one can get the instructions and even the step-by-step processes as well as precautions – medical – besides the psychological backup right from one’s home.

The means is the net.

You can simply log on to any of the search engines like yahoo, goggle, or any other, and key in the words – Bikram yoga. You will get several pages on the topic.

Search for the best among the top five or do some advanced search and you will have all the details you are looking for. All these, at free of cost!

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